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The idea for the Catman came from wanting a more responsive feel of a pin tail while keeping the speed and drive of a twinnie. Having the Pin tail with a lower tail rocker gives it some extra drive, but when you put it on rail the more intense tail rocker of the fish kicks in and is able to turn tight in the pocket. I took the idea behind the channel shape from an old rocket booster idea that never went mainstream. Basically the channels push the water from a wider surface into a tighter point, and as far as NASA’s research goes, this adds up to 90% more thrust than a flat or open surface. The concaves outside the channels feature a fairly deep single concave running into vee through the front fins and double vee out the tail making it easier to gain speed as well as turn from rail to rail. The name of the board came from how similar the tail looks to a cats ears and batmans logo, hence Catman. The Catman is meant to be ridden as a twin fin but has an option of a 2+1 or even a thruster for bigger days.
Catman Outline.png
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