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Learn everything YOU could ever want to know about surfboards.

Right here!

We know, the surf world can get pretty confusing. With all the lingo and confusing terminology it can get hard to keep up.That's why we have tried to develop the most comprehensive explanation of the different aspects of surfboards. Learn everything from the different materials used to functionality of different shapes. Click on any of the links below to learn something new :)

Parts of a board

Rails, Deck, Rocker, Concave

Its all important,

Find out why.


 What gives pin tails advantage in hollower surf? Why have less rocker

Find out what makes it all work.


Ever wondered what a surfboard is made out of? Click below to find out how it all comes together


Rocker? Concave? Torsional Flex? What does it all mean? Click below to find out.

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