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The Afterglow is designed to be a small wave terminator. With its low entry rocker and generous amounts of concave through the board, it flies through any section you could think of with ease. Its outline is reminiscent of a retro fish, but has some subtle modern features as well. The tail outline has a slight flip inwards before turning the corner into the fish cut, adding just a little extra grip that you would otherwise lose in a regular twin fin. If you think the cut in the fish tail looks similar to a whale's tail, you'd be right. After some experimentation with the fish tail itself, we found that the board held a little more to the wave face than a normal fish tail was holding. The unique amount of surface area near the chest allows for easy paddling as well as an ability to trim above the surface before sinking the rail for a turn.

Afterglow bottom.png
Afterglow top.png
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